an image of Pejudal's content lead
an image of Pejudal's content lead

I’m Hameedah — a creative content writer and blogger. 

I create content that makes people feel things, whether it’s the intense beat of a waterfall in an exotic holiday location or the relief of getting helpful recommendations on the best software for their needs. 

I help B2B startups create valuable and engaging content for their customer base, building a community of fans and supporters by positioning the company as authentic and an industry expert. 

I focus on making everything I write as easily-understood as possible. I enjoy breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-digest articles, so even non-tech-savvy readers can learn exactly how your products improve their lives. 

My close friends describe me as witty, and I'll admit I enjoy injecting a healthy dose of personality into my blogs. 

However, I will conveniently write in your brand voice and language that best suits your audience’s needs. Generating conversions is as important to me as maintaining the quality of my work. 

I take pride in all the work I do (a bit of a perfectionist here), so I’m just as invested in every piece of copy as you are. 

We’d be a perfect match if you’ve got great products and are looking for actual results, not just one-off $50 articles.

I love studying what makes people BUY. I've done this for the 5 years of my writing career. So when you hire me for your content strategy, you can expect comprehensive research into your target audience, their pain points, and the exact type of content they need from you. 

Ready to give us a try?

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